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Growing up, I would stay up as late as possible and try to sleep in as much as I could. I remember my dad had a rule of not sleeping past 10 am on the weekend, and I thought that was rubbish. He, however, didn’t and had multiple ways of waking me up. His favorite was to rush into my room, throw open the blinds, and start singing “Good Morning Starshine.” That is the song he chose for us to dance to for our Father-Daughter dance at my wedding, to much people confusion as it was much different than what they were expecting from two lovers of rock.

Now, I am the exact opposite and can see why my Dad always wanted me to wake up earlier.  I love waking up early and catching the light hitting the hills, usually with a warm cup of coffee in hand. Plus, I think I get a little bit more done during the day when I am up early.

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When I met with Tegan and Justin in my studio, we immediately clicked. We sat in my studio and talked about their upcoming wedding, what they enjoy doing together, and planning out where they would like to have their engagement session at. I had just finished up a previous session at this location and showed them a few spots, and BAM, it was scheduled.

The Columbia Gorge is a little tricky for sunrises. The calendar may say a sunrise at 7 AM, but the sun still has to rise over the massive, looming cliffs before it becomes completely visible. That gave me time to get my daughter to school and for them to fight through Portland’s morning rush hour. But we all arrived at Government Cove just in time (other than a quick turn around due to the roads are a little confusing getting there).

We strolled along the inner side of the island with its sheer rock face and up to the path that leads to the top of the plateau. From up there, you can see the Columbia River and the mountains. It makes for the perfect Northwest background.

This is also where I learned how fun Tegan and Justin are to work with. Laughter comes so easy between these two, even with a slight scolding from Tegan.

Walking down to the Columbia River waterfront, you can catch a glimpse of the plateau you were just on, and be perfectly backlit by the morning sun.

Did you see her gorgeous ring? Justin picked it out all by himself.

Congratulations on your engagement Tegan and Justin, I can’t wait for your wedding next fall in Portland!


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