The Mobley’s First Family Portrait Session

Vancouver wa  photographer

Surprise! Cara and Andy are pregnant! I had to make sure they announced it first as I get a little excited when I find out the happy news. So instead of a couples session like originally planned, they had their very first family portrait session.

Cara won a bid on a gift card that I had put in my friends’ auction about a year ago. My friend Crystal has a non-profit, 2 Hands 7 Continents, and spends her summers volunteering all over the world. She has a yearly bunco party where there is a ton of auction items, and we have a fun time rolling the dice. My daughter won the grand prize last year!

Cara told me she had bought the session in hopes to use it sometime this last year, but she didn’t quite know what. Until she found out that she and her husband are having a little one!

Originally, we were going to meet up earlier in the year and just do a couples session in the snow somewhere up around Mount St. Helens. Then we all know how life gets around the holidays and we couldnt make our schedules match up.

We finally set a date in January for a weekend in February that just worked for us all at a place closer in town, Moulton Falls. Well, it also happened that a snow storm hit that weekend and made all of her wishes come true.

With a snowstorm hitting, the path was slippery, and we had to limit where we were walking, but the bridge and scenery did their job in helping to create some great images for their pregnancy announcements they were released on Valentine’s Day.

Congratulations to these two (I mean, three) on their announcement to the new addition to the family!

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