Heather and John in the Neon Sign Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Las Vegas Neon Sign Museum is one of those coveted spots us photographers can only dream about photographing in. Luckily, Heather and John are so amazing, they made it happen.

Being such an opportunity to work in a place like this, my nerves were high to get everything right. Luckily we had great weather, my hand dandy assistant, and two amazing people to work with.

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I grew up going to Las Vegas to visit my Uncle, and so my parents could enjoy a night and leave my brother and me to wander the hotels on the strip by ourselves. Over the years, I’ve gone back for my honeymoon, a family wedding, and most recently to the WPPI conference where thousands of photographer all over the globe come together. There have been groups of us photogs trying to get into this coveted museum to shoot, but get turned away. Reservations and fees keep casual visits to us using our cell phones only inside. de.

However, Heather knew about this and got everything in line. All I had to do was bring my gear (and my handy assistant Husband) along and create some magic.

We had half an hour to ourselves in the side gallery to do what we pleased, as long as we didn’t climb on the signs or cross the rock barrier.

We soon found out that John was an expert at twirling, where as Heather, was not.

The sun was setting fast behind the signs as we walked around, but the skies had just amount of clouds to gives us perfect light and a gorgeous sky.

After a few more twirling and dipping attempts, we found a gentleman with quite the amazing mustache.

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Our time in the museum was short, but we had a great time and a perfect way for us to end the evening before their wedding!

My husband and I packed up the gear, headed back to the hotel, and started charging and gearing everything up for a day in the desert the next day. I may have even popped open a beer and started editing this session as I was way too excited to just leave them be.

Next up, their wedding in Red Rocks State park! Stay tuned next week!

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