2019 Craft Beer and Wine Fest

It’s summer time, which means more outdoor festivals. And if you couldn’t tell, the craft brewing fests are my favorite.

This last weekend I spent some time at the Craft Beer and Wine Fest in downtown Vancouver. It’s different than the Vancouver Brewfest as this has less beer, but adds wineries and distilleries from the area. But I did spend a decent amount of time in the beer garden area.

When I’m not enjoying a craft beer, bourbon is my next choice, and the 4 distilleries there did not disappoint me in that area. I spent Friday night over by them try all the different offerings. It looks like I may be spending some of my free time this summer going to visit them.

As for wineries, I am kind of picky as I am not much of a wine drinker. I am a fan of reds, but not much of the sweet whites. Maryhill did have a few that I enjoyed and I tried everyone of the meads from Author Mead. The marionberry was my favorite.

It was an awesome way to meet some more of the local craft makers and taste what the next up and coming things are.

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