Lizzy and Tallen – A Family Party in the Woods of Yacolt, WA.

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I love it when I get brought in to capture weddings in a place that is special to the couple. Sure, I enjoy the professional wedding venues, but being at a private location makes the couple more relaxed and able to enjoy time with their families.

Tallen and Lizzy held their wedding on a gorgeous property in the Yacolt area of Clark County. Surrounded by trees, some tropical plants, and a stage just for their live band!

I had my friend Trung with Trung Phan Photography come along to make sure we got allllll the angles.

The Bride and Groom wanted to keep are traditional and keep the first look for the wedding ceremony. So, I took the ladies to the front of the house, while Trung took the men to the back.

Both had large families and wedding parties, there was lots of moving back and forth to each side. Luckily, we had scheduled plenty of time to get everyone in.

We snuck Lizzy back into the house, and she and her girls had a quick prayer session before everything began.

For the ceremony, we moved over into an opening that was setup facing an arbor and more trees.

The ceremony was gorgeous and full of great moments between the bride and groom.

After the ceremony, we went back to the front yard to get portraits of everyone together.

Lizzy wanted to make a GRAND entrance, so we lined everyone up and had them blow bubbles! I love the look that it gives, AND you’re not throwing anything that needs to get cleaned up later.

After the entrance was dinnertime, this is when Trung and I went around and made sure to get the details.

Then of course, to the dancing!

The couple was then toasted by the best man and maid of honor. A lot of laughter, but I think I caught Tallen give the evil side-eye once our twice for his.

The cake was gorgeous, and they even got in some playful cake smashing as well.

By the time that their money dance came around, the rain was starting to hit. Not very common for early September here in the northwest, but this year has been weird.

Luckily, we had umbrellas!

Liz and her new Father in Law!

Garter toss? Yeah, they did that.

Bouquet toss? Yep! That too!

Just as the rain was really starting to come down only when the band was getting going. Luckily the guests didn’t mind and just kept dancing! If you’ve been to any of the local Vancouver bars, you may recognize the band. The Kimberly Hall Band took the stage and was playing classic rock for everyone.

As everyone was busy dancing, I stole the bride and groom away again for some portraits of just them. The property was just stunning and had this great water feature. Toss in the rain, and it gave a beautiful backdrop.

As for the rain, still didn’t bother us.

Congratulations to Lizzy and Tallen!

I’m sure I will see more of this family in the future. I’ve had to pleasure of capturing Tallen’s sister, Bailee getting married to Matt, and their family portraits!

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