Let’s Go Trash That Dress…But Not Really

Portland Photographer

The wedding dress is one of the more significant purchases you make for your wedding. Most brides will tuck it away afterward, thinking that maybe they can pass it down one day. Others, like Lindsey, decided to go have some fun in it and alter it for more uses later.

Lindsey had posted in one of the local podcast groups that she was looking for a photographer to go trash her dress. So against this particular podcast’s message, we didn’t stay out of the forest. And instead, headed to Latourell Falls along the Columbia River Hwy on a cold, rainy fall day to go have some fun.

I mentioned it was cold, right? Both of us were shivering as we played along in the mist. Lindsey’s husband even stepped in to warm her up now and then.

We stayed on the “drier” side for a little bit before we both said “screw it” and forded the creek to get to the other side. From here, we were able to get more of the waterfall itself.

And my favorite.

As you can probably tell, we didn’t get the dress too trashed. The reason is that Lindsey is actually planning on cutting it to make it a tea-length dress that she can wear over and over. So the bottom got muddy and wet, but the rest just needs a basic clean. AND we were able to get some stunning shots of her in the dress before it all gets altered.

It doesn’t matter when you do your trash the dress session, right after the wedding OR ten years down the road. Let’s break those dresses out and create something fun that you will love.


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