Kristen and Alex’s Columbia Gorge Engagement Session

Portland photographer

If you’ve followed me for a time, you’ve probably learned that I love the craft beer community up here in the Pacific Northwest. So when Kristen and Alex said something about meeting at their favorite pub to kick off their engagement session, how could I say no! Thank you to 5440 brewing for letting us enjoy your patio

The other thing that I absolutely love? Pets. All of them. So, of course, they brought along their pup as well. I promise that if you bring your dog along, I will get portraits of just them for you to have forever.

Since I started in photography with landscapes, I have a few little spots that I’ve mapped out that aren’t so visited. So I mentioned this little hidden spot on the Washington side of the gorge, and we headed right over. It is on public property, and it is easy to get to if you know how to find it. There are no signs and the ones who know where it is, like to keep it a secret. There has been some vandalization to it recently, and we want to keep that down.

This is the old Skamania Stone House. If you do go out the find it, please, treat it with care!

Most of the walls still stand, but its about half a wall all the way around. The fireplace still stands and you can see that some are coming out to enjoy it.

I just love the backdrop that the moss and stone give these two. I think they had some fun out here too.

And of course its the Pacific Northwest, so the rain decided to visit us as well. Kristen and Alex were surrounded by trees, but I always try to have the umbrella with me.

Thank you Kristen and Alex for coming along and playing in the rain for your engagement session! I a excited to see you again in July!

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