Jessica and John’s Snowy Engagement Session

Portland Photographer

I met Jessica at Tap Union in Vancouver, WA, to start planning her engagement session with John and their plans for their wedding.

They wanted to have some fun outside, and it was still winter, so why not head up to Mount Hood and play in the snow?

While most of the trailheads and parking lots get packed during the weekend on the mountain, there are a few where we can have some spots to ourselves, minus a few snowmobilers going by now and then. And of course, they brought their fur baby along.

While they are getting married on June 12th, things have definitely changed due to the pandemic. Instead of the large gathering of friends and family, they are having a small gathering in a family members backyard and then a larger celebration next year when this is hopefully all over.

This session was captured a few months before the pandemic, so we were still allowed to have close contact and have some fun as a group in the snow.

These two are so sweet together. Jessica was even brave to shed her jacket in the cold weather.

It lasted a little bit until the coat had to go back on, and the pup wanted to join back in.

And as football fans in the Pacific Northwest, they had to include their jerseys.

Congratulations to Jessica and John and I will see you shortly for your ceremony!

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