The “Most Fun You’ve Ever Had During an Engagement Session”, Session with Sarah and Stacey.

She is style. She is grace. She didn’t land on her face.

I knew I was going to have fun at this session, I didn’t know how much, but I am glad we got this one in before COVID struck. Again, this was pre-pandemic, so no masks, no high anxiety, and no wondering if we were breaking any laws or mandates. I am just behind in blogging!

A few years ago, I started photographing the Storm City Roller Girls when I could. Going to the bouts and just having a blast watching them. My minion would come with and we made a mom/daughter date out of it. So when Sarah and Stacey decided it was time that they finally got married, I was super happy that they chose me as their photographer.

Cut to January where we met up at McMenamin’s Edgefield for their engagement session. Last time I was there, I stumbled across a sweet little library tucked away from everything else. Since it was still morning and a little chilly, we started there.

Cozy little tables and nooks along with a nice little library so that they could pretend to be reading, and of course attempting to mimic the painting behind them. Makes my massive anxiety before any shoot just evaporate.

Mcmenamins engagement session

We left through a side door and headed to the back steps. The light was a little spotty, but they didn’t seem to mind.

My problem with Edgefield, is that every time I am there, I find new spots that I love. I would always pass up this little building, it is either super busy, or hidden from me during concerts. But being there in the morning, it let us finally check it out. I am in love with the pathway and how cute the place is.

Let’s also not pass up how much fun these two were having during this entire shoot. Speaking of, I believe it was shortly after this that the “tree incident happened”

That little GIF that you saw when you first started reading? Yeah, it was all this tree’s fault. It taunted Sarah and convinced her that she could totally climb it. So of course, she took on the challenge in what would definitely be a “hold my beer and watch this” moment.

Here it is in all of its glory.

After we were all done laughing, and making sure she was ok, I had them walk it off and snapped some along the way.

We rounded the corner of the building and came across the big entrance, with the fancy fountain and everything. Being January in the Pacific Northwest, it was turned off, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use it.

On another one of my adventures here, I found a path lined with plants that led to a hidden courtyard, so why not head there for this session as well. Let’s also not forget that Sarah wanted to make sure that her style was shown here as well.

And it has this really cool tree that works well for some backlit shots. Even during the day, if we can find a darker spot, we can make some magic.

In winter, the herb garden isn’t as colorful as spring, but they do have some cool structures and benches, in pure McMenamins style. Plus, the sun was finally deciding to play along with us.

We ended in front of my favorite wall. Behind the Powerhouse is the giant brick wall that has gorgeous ivy growing all over, plus a few Adirondack chairs to just grab drinks and chill. Sarah and Stacey thought that it would be the perfect place for a thumb wrestling match instead.

After being outside for awhile in the January cold, we headed into the Powerhouse for some tots and beer to warmup and relax.

While Covid has forced the postponement of these twos wedding, I can’t wait to celebrate the marriage of these two!

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