Sarah and Stacey’s Magical Elopement in the Columbia Gorge.

2020 was a mess in so many ways, but there are some amazing moments that made the year so wonderful.

With COVID restrictions and numerous other things, Sarah and Stacey messaged me asking if I would capture their elopement that they moved up from their wedding planning. They are still planning on an epic reception, but just couldn’t wait and not be married anymore. Of course I said yes and even showed them a magical place to do so.

On a COLD day in December, we headed out to the stone house and set up for a sweet ceremony with just their parents and a few friends.

There wasn’t much setup needed as the stone house is already perfect. A half fallen stone house covered in moss with the fireplace working as the alter, all hidden in the forest just a few yards from the highway.

Their vows were so special, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house (including me).

And, if you read their engagement session post, you know there will be some humor. Sarah didn’t fall out oof a tree this time, but the hand-fasting decided to magically undo itself in the greatest of fashion.

Following the kiss to finalize it all, there was also tequila shots!

And let’s not forget the amazing sign their friend made them!

Around the stone house, is a small trail and a LOT of trees. Not to mention, it is all built on a slope. So just some small areas for portraits, but of course these two made it work just fine.

Congratulations to Sarah and Stacey and I can’t wait until its all safe again to hang out!

For those wondering about the location, we keep it hidden for a reason. There has been many reports of vandalism and destruction. As of March 2021, the access point is currently gated and it looks as if they are taking down some trees that look as if they could fall any moment. So we got to access it in the nick of time!

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