Katrina and Lennon’s Kingdom Hearts Wedding at Lakeside Gardens.

Portland Wedding Photographer

The current pandemic isn’t ruining everyone’s plans, Katrina and Lennon were determined to get married this year, and that is exactly what they did.

Portland Wedding Photographer

With the help of Lakeside Gardens, these two were able to have a small family gathering and still enjoy a ceremony and dinner with family members. All while following guidelines and having a great night.

Katrina got ready with a few of her ladies with all the details, including his and her masks.

Portland Wedding Photographer

This year has been so much different than past years, with COVID, I have been flying solo. So I try my best to keep bouncing back and forth from the bride and groom’s spaces to try to get everything that I can.

When both Katrina and Lennon were ready I snuck Lennon out to one of the many bridges at Lakeside and setup the first look. I had to position him facing away and made him pinky promise that he wouldn’t turn around until I said so. Then I ran back inside and got Katrina. True to his word, Lennon was still facing away so that we got the sweet surprised face when he turned around.

While I had them outside and away from family, I took them around the property for a bit for some portraits before the sun started dropping. Lakeside Gardens is gorgeous in both full sun and when the lights get low, so I like to use it to my advantage and get images during both times.

If you couldn’t tell by the Keyblades, these two have a love of the Kingdom Hearts video games series. One I have started multiple times, but have failed to finish, because I’ve rarely finished any series I play as I don’t want them to end. My save files can confirm that as I save before the end of the game so I can go back and finish all the side quests, get all the items, and make all the NPC’s happy. Katrina and Lennon had custom Keyblades made just for their wedding, so we had some fun.

After stealing them for a bit, we got back and got the whole wedding party together. When you do a first look, we can push the portraits up before the ceremony, so you have more time to party afterwards.

Portland Wedding Photographer
Portland Wedding Photographer
Portland Wedding Photographer

The ceremony site has a long tunnel of ivy that leads into the gazebo plaza. With a small group family and friends. Katrina and Lennon exchanged vows and got married!

In a year like this, being able to celebrate with your friends and family, safely, is everything.

Portland Wedding Photographer

At the entrance of the property, overlooking the pond, is a gorgeous willow tree that I adore. So for those family members that arrived just right before the ceremony, it’s a great little spot for family images.

Portland Wedding Photographer
Portland Wedding Photographer

Back inside, everyone sat at distanced tables and in family groups while the couple had heir own spot in front of everyone. I always tell my clients that I don’t photograph them while dinner is going on, so I usually take this time to steal the wedding rings and capture other details I may of missed whilst chasing after everyone.

Following the theme of the wedding, each table was assigned a certain area from the game.

One of the reasons I love the wedding speeches, is that I get to learn so much more about the couple getting married. While I keep open communication before everything, the siblings, best friends, and family members always give me a more detailed look into my clients love stories.

With everyone still seated, Katrina and Lennon headed over to their cake table to enjoy some of the sweetness for the year. Did you see their custom topper in the details?

In 2020, dancing was banned. Unless its just the two of you blocking out everything else going on, and just enjoying each the company of each other.

Remember when I said that I like to take portraits when the sun is up, and when the moon comes out? We did just that. While everyone was inside filling out a little game, I stole these two back outside to make some magic…with lighting….you weirdos. Here is even a little before and after in the gazebo that shows you the difference.

And now the fun trivia game that gave quite a few laughs, especially when filled out by the younger siblings.

With that, they were officially wed and got to celebrate with their friends and family. While their overseas honeymoon got put on hold, I am sure that they are enjoying the newlywed life.

Congratulations to Katrina and Lennon!

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