Jessica and Ben’s Engagement Session at Cathedral Park

One of the things I listen to while doing all of the things that running a photography business entails (all the non-photographing parts) are true crime podcasts. I’m even in a few local groups where we can talk about the episodes and the cases. Well, not only do we talk about that, but the groups are also used to help find local, like-minded vendors, and THAT is how Jessica and I met.

Jessica and Ben already had booked their wedding photographer, so this was a fun session just with the two of them at Cathedral Park. This park lights up with colorful trees; you just have to plan around the rainstorms that come through. Luckily, we only had a few sprinkles, dodged the major downpours, and found a tree to hide under until it stopped again.

We dropped along the pathways along the bottom to catch more of the trees and the meandering trails through the park.

We followed them down along the beach and under the bridge as is spans across the Willamette river.

The gloomy day added a bit more drama to the portraits. I loved it! Plus, it made Jessica cuddle up to Ben some more as it was getting cold.

Heading back up, we stopped to admire why the park is named Cathedral Park. Look at that architecture, and not to mention, that gorgeous couple.

Walking back up top of the park, you get the classic view that it’s known for. The downside is, its also the most accessible and there are usually some crowds. Luckily, everyone was patient and we all got our turn in the arches.

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