Kailie and Bobby’s Summer Wedding – With Alpacas!

Initially, these two were going to get married at a venue and have a giant party there. But we all know what happened. SO, they moved it to their parent’s house instead, which included a little herd of Alpaca’s.

Upstairs of the house, Kailie, and her gals were getting ready and getting in some celebratory drinks, of course.

While I was inside with Kailie, my good friends, Sightglass Photography, were outside having some fun.

And let’s all take in how adorable their Corgi, Whiskey, is.

Once they were all ready, we did a sneak peek away from everyone else. We tried to get Bobby to shed a tear, but we failed.

After a slight delay due to the Groom spilling some beer on his pants, we were ready for the ceremony!

And of course having some fun with our group shots right after the ceremony. I will make you take some serious images, but really, we all know you want the fun ones!

Many couples are switching it up on traditions, and these two were no different. Wanting to spend more time with their friends and family, they opted for the traditional cake cutting and first dance. But they did have some fun with the cake.

And then back up the hill, we went to see how their friends could embarrass them with their speeches.

I saw this as an excellent opportunity to sneak the couple off for some portraits while the cake got cut up and the party was warming up.

We wrapped up our coverage right after the two of them celebrated their first dance on the dance floor.

Congratulations to Kailie, Bobby, and Whiskey (the dog, not the drink)

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