Claire and Andy’s Portland,OR Engagement Session

What is a better time to post an engagement session than a week after their wedding!

Claire and Andy are from the midwest and wanted to show off Portland to all of their family that still lived there. So, we made a map and hit some of the spots they wanted to show off—Cathedral Park, Forest Park, the Pittock Mansion, and then down to the Portland Waterfront.

It was the perfect time in the fall, so we caught some of the leaves blowing about at Cathedral Park. Oh, and those arches, those gorgeous, gorgeous arches.

With the hills around the park, the light there acts different than in other places and causes this glow that I just love.

Once we hiked up and down the park, we loaded up and started driving through Forest Park. We didn’t have a destination in mind but didn’t have time to hike down to the Witches Castle. But we did find this gated road surrounded by colorful trees. Bonus, no one else was around! Hard to find in that park on a fall weekend.

Next stop? The Pittock Mansion.

This mansion was once the home of the founder of the Oregonian, Henry Pittock, and his wife Georgiana, who helped found the Rose Festival that Portland is known for.

While you can go inside the house to tour it, they don’t allow portrait sessions unless you go through a lengthy permit process. But the grounds outside? Absolutely.

There are a few spots here that I love. The first is the main viewpoint. You can look over the city and towards Mount Hood from this spot. A lot of images are captured during sunrise here.

Georgiana was an avid gardener, and the park’s department does a great job keeping them up. So strolling through the paths, you can find some great backdrops and architecture.

On the backside of the property, the forest park trails link up, and you can jump back on them and hike back down if you want.

Last stop? The Portland waterfront along the Willamette River and the steel bridge.

There are so many bridges in Portland, but I love the look of the Steel Bridge and the park below it. The sun was starting to set, and the cold winds were beginning to kick up by this time. So we tried to make this as quick as possible so that Claire wouldn’t freeze.

Congrats to these two as they just got married on the first! I promise, i’ll share their wedding as well.

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