McMenamin’s Edgefield Spring Wedding | Ashley and Nick

Congratulations to Ashley and Nick on their super fun wedding at McMenamin’s Edgefield!

The spring day was a typical Northwest. We were lured outside by the sight of sunshine and then had to dash back inside when we felt the first raindrop. Between all of that, Ashley and Nick are amazing. I could tell that one fo my main challenges would be trying to get these two *NOT* to make faces at one another in the pictures. But of course, we captured those as well.

Mcmenamin’s Edgefield is one of those venues that no matter how many times you go, you always find something new. The vegetable garden and lawns were off limits, as the ground was soaked and the bridal party was wearing heels, and who wants to get mud on their dress?

So my amazing assistant Eleanor and I brought them around to the fun spots that weren’t permeated though with the recent rain.  Old buildings, ivy, and worn wood are always a great backdrop to highlight how amazing everyone looks.

We did the separate parties before the ceremony as Ashley was wanting Nick to see her during the ceremony. I focused on his reaction as he saw her for the first time. The officiant was one that knew the family and made a wonderfully personal ceremony for them both.

After they were married, we took the entire family out to the orchard and tried as hard as we could to keep them all rounded up. We stole the couple after the families were captured and meandered through the property using the just blooming herb garden and wonderful walkways they have hidden all over the place. Thank goodness the rain held off for a bit and gave us some gorgeous golden light.

We are so happy that we got to capture these two amazing people!





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