A Gorge-ous Portrait Session with Tyler and Kelsey.

It was another one of those typical Pacific Northwest days. Gray and rain. We had already postponed one session due to the weather, so Kelsey, Tyler, and I decided to head out and see if the weather would give us a little tiny break.

It did.

For my first time ever at Saint Cloud Park just east of Washougal, it worked out quite well.

While sunny days are great, clouds seem to give for much better images. I think they add a sense of drama and intrigue.

Saint-cloud is a smaller park. The orchard was the site of the St. Cloud Ranch, which was an estate of the Vial family from 1909 to the 1950s. The Forest Service purchased the land here in 1990 and opened it to the public. It is also classified as a wetland.

Walking in, you see a classic orchard with trees in lines and picnic tables spread throughout. BUT, if you follow the path down the center and through from berry bushes, it opens up to a gorgeous, quiet beach on the Columbia River.

Back in the orchard there are lots of tress to climb, paths to wander, and a super cute fence to sit on.

Thank you Kelsey and Tyler for making the rain stay away just enough to go out and play!

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