Amanda and Y-ee’s Engagement Session at the Crystal Spring Rhododendron Garden

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The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens in Portland are always gorgeous, but add in Amanda and Y-ee, and you have a great way to spend a fall day.

When you first walk in the garden, you can go a few ways, but I love this little waterfall they have there, plus there are rocks to climb around on and have some fun.

When you turn around from this spot, you can see this incredible bridge. The arch is a perfect way to frame these two gorgeous gals. Of course, you have to watch yourself with the ducks. Some of the ducks get a little curious and approach you thinking your camera might be food.

We walked along the water for a bit to enjoy the little path. The beautiful thing with the rhododendron gardens is that the colors change all the time—fresh flowers, changing leaves, and pretty little ways to stop along and have some fun.

Speaking of the stunning landscaping, who doesnt love tress with branches like these and a great view while relaxing on a park bench.

This garden may seem small, but it just keeps going. Another favorite spot is the long bridge that goes over a large inlet from the main lake. I may just be a sucker for architecture.


Before we headed out, we tried to stop along a beach section, but all I have to say about that is geese are jerks.
We didnt leave entirely though. across the street is actually Reed College and it makes a perfect backdrop for a picnic!

Also perfect? CHAMPAGNE!

Oh man, trying to time the pop from an uncooperative champagne bottle. Amanda wrestled with it while Y-ee did multiple mini celebrations in the hope that it would pop soon.

Congratulations to these two! Can’t wait until August!

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