Kailie and Bobby (and Whiskey’s) Engagement Session in Downtown Camas.

Kailie and Bobby’s favorite place to hang out is Caps N’ Taps, so of course, we met up there to kick off their engagement session. Little did I know that their pup, Whiskey, was a celebrity there and knew the right people to get treats from.

I have yet to met a person that could resist a Corgi.

Being a taproom, there had to be some beers (and cider) as well. Thank you to Caps N’ Taps for letting us shoot in there, have some beers, and maybe sneak back for a cute shot.

Portland photographer
Portland photographer

Downtown Camas has some great little spots; even some tucked into a side alley. I love these wings and may have used them a few times.

The Liberty Theater was opened in 1927 and has been a landmark along 4th ave since. I love the old architecture and the marquee. I added a little flash in there since it’s still dark.

I make it a bit of a point that if you bring your pup along, they get their own portrait. I think it’s a dog lover thing.

Portland photographer

And of course, just strolling along the main street.

After our little walk downtown, we headed up the hill to Crown Park. That way, Whiskey could get a little running around in as well. Bring along a picnic blanket, and it makes a perfect photo for save the dates!

Portland photographer

Congratulations again to Kailie and Bobby and I am excited to see you again in May!

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