Rachel and Kyle’s Engagement Session in Downtown Portland.

Portland Photographer

Another amazing Murderino I got to work with! I mentioned this in the last post, but I’m a true-crime podcast junkie, and we are called “Murderinos” for listening to My Favorite Murder. It blends true crime with a tad bit of comedy to make the topic a little more palatable. ANYWAYS, Rachel had posted in the group that she was looking for a local engagement photographer, and another photographer friend of mine tagged me in.

After chatting for a bit, Rachel told me that she wanted a downtown Portland engagement, as her wedding would be on the east coast. So this way, she gets the best of both worlds. We met in one of my favorite little spots and headed out.

My favorite place to grab a pint in Portland may be closed, but their patio area is still gorgeous.

I don’t think I captured Rachel with anything but a giant smile on her face. It was either she was delighted to be there, or it was the horrible jokes Kyle was telling her the entire time.

Little cafe with some great string lights? Twirl her!

You ever want a really sweet portrait together, and then you pose and can’t keep a straight face? I think thats a majority of us.

I do believe that Portland has amazing cityscapes….and breweries. Every brewery you walk by down here just has the perfect ambience.

Speaking of ambiance, there are these gorgeous townhomes in the middle of everything in the brewery blocks. The blooming tree helped as well. This is where we pretend that any of us can afford anything like these in that area. They even decided to take a quick break on a gorgeous stoop.

And let’s talk ivy. Personally, it is not growing at my house as it takes over everything. But gorgeous, old brick buildings in the middle of the city? We need more of this.

At the north end of the area, you wind up at a greenspace opening with views of the Fremont bridge and an ancient industrial building. I think it explains Portland wonderfully. Old, mixed with new, and all along a waterscape. I genuinely love doing sessions where we aimlessly wander around and find exquisite backdrops along the way.

Thank you to Rachel and Kyle for being awesome human beings and amazing to work with! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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