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Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival : Two Photographers Explain Their Approach

Rachel and Missy originally met in a local photographer’s group in Vancouver, WA called Viewpoint Collaborative. A group of Pacific Northwest professional female photographers, specializing in different photography genres and styles, but who all share at least one common theme;  we believe in community over competition.  Missy and Rachel are two landscape photographers in the Portland Oregon area and they adventured to the Wooden … Read More Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival : Two Photographers Explain Their Approach

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The Dangers of Photography “Wanderlust”

At home, if I’m not reading my fantasy books, exploring Hyrule, or hanging with my family, I am online with my tablet reading articles and websites about photography (or Nat Geo). Recently a topic came up that really hit home, how “wanderlust” is destroying photography….and the planet. This isn’t the wanderlust that drives you to go and see the amazing places we all have … Read More The Dangers of Photography “Wanderlust”

Let’s Be Adventurers: Dry Creek Falls

Finally, A gorgeous weekend and I wanted to get out of the house again. Looking up my trails, I realized that my usual stomping grounds, the Gifford Pinchot, was still pretty much snowed in. Looking to the lower elevations, I saw that one of the trails, Dry Creek Falls, that the fire burned in Cascade Locks, was back open. So I asked my friend Rachel, of Rachel Konsella Photography, if she wanted to go on an adventure.

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Hi, I’m Missy and I am a Little Different.

I have never been one to fit in. The “popular” groups overlook me, I don’t do cliques, I’ve never been into the current trends, and what people classify as “girly” and what I should be doing, I am usually found doing the exact opposite.

Let’s Be Adventurers: Death Valley National Park

The entire outside of the car was wrapped in the darkness that only a dark sky rated area can give. Thousands and thousands of stars were hanging above our heads as we zoomed through the roads with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was blaring on the radio.

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Pacific Northwest Lore: The Three Peaks

According to the lore of the Puyallup tribes, long ago a massive landslide of rocks tumbled into the Columbia River near Cascade Locks and formed a natural stone bridge that spanned the river. The bridge came to be called Tamanawas Bridge, or Bridge of the Gods. In the center of the arch burned the only fire in the world, so the site was sacred … Read More Pacific Northwest Lore: The Three Peaks

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Pacific Northwest Lore: The Spirits of the Lake and the Stubborn Old Man.

I have always been interested in lore and stories about how places receive their names, especially if they are a little bit on the creepy side. So, being October, I thought it would be a fun little side project to build some stories of what I have found out about some beloved regions here in Southwest Washington. Portland and Vancouver have had their stories, … Read More Pacific Northwest Lore: The Spirits of the Lake and the Stubborn Old Man.

Trail Report: Upper Caves at the Ape Caves

I will admit, I did not take any of my professional gear on this trip, all I brought along was my little GoPro. The primary goal of this was to have fun with my best friend and our two families. The video was just an added bonus and something that we can shot the kids when they are older how torturous of parents we … Read More Trail Report: Upper Caves at the Ape Caves

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Trail Report: Upper Latourell Falls

Since the wilderness has been calling me back lately, I might as well keep up with the trail reports as I get myself back into hiking shape.


Trail Report : Falls Creek Falls

With the amazing weather we’ve had lately, and wedding season quickly approaching. I decided to take my daughter and another photography friend out hiking as a little Mother’s Day gift to myself. I know, I am horrible. I knew I wanted a waterfall, and since most of the Columbia Gorge waterfalls are still closed due to the horrendous wildfire , I looked north on the … Read More Trail Report : Falls Creek Falls

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How Photography Has Changed the Way I See.

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.”  Dorothea Lange Something happens when you switch from taking snapshots, to creating art. When I started in photography, I was taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Not setting up a composition, not caring that harsh, spotty light was reflecting off the water in very distracting ways, or pay close attention to all of … Read More How Photography Has Changed the Way I See.

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Vancouver, WA Photographer | A Little About Me and How I got Where I Am Now.

Hi! I’m Missy, and I am a photographer in Vancouver, WA. I never really thought of being a photographer when I was growing up, photography just kind of found me. I’ve shared a lot of the fantastic people that I get to work with, so I decided maybe I should share a little bit more about me and how I chose to do what … Read More Vancouver, WA Photographer | A Little About Me and How I got Where I Am Now.

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