A Double Engagement in the Columbia Gorge.

There is a hidden little place in the Columbia Gorge where I love taking my clients. It’s a little island with massive cliffs and views for days. Plus, it is all easily accessible and just a quick hike to the top!

I was hired by Caleb’s mother for his engagement session, but also, his cousin Rhyon was engaged, so we made it a fun session for both couples.

The mossy cliffside is always a gorgeous backdrop on the hiking trail up to the top.

And the views at the top never disappoint. One side is the mountains of the Columbia Gorge, and the other is the Columbia River. Also, notice that there are no other people up here with us.

I found this place on one of my random excursions. I tend to throw my camera gear into my car and pick a direction, following gravel roads and such that seem to be a path less taken, and it has made all the difference. Finding spots where I can bring my clients to capture their special moments.

Ready to book your adventure session? Let’s go!

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