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A View From Above

I spoiled myself earlier this year and bought a drone. After researching for weeks, studying the FAA rules, and read review after review, the DJI Phantom 3 was purchased.
I am hoping with some practice and studying, that I will pick up my commercial drone license and be able to incorporate aerial shots in with my portrait and wedding packages.
Until then, i’ll be taking it around on hikes and shooting my beloved landscape with it.

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Sometimes You Need to Put Down That Camera

That loved one that is wanting you to be present is disappointed that you are focused on trying to make everything perfect. Nothing is perfect. That layout of your breakfast plate and coffee and posing in a primp manner on the furniture? Do you do that every day? I doubt it. What is perfect is those giggles while having your morning cup with your family, chasing each other through the park, and in our case, massive Nerf wars in the house. I will never be able to capture those to look “perfect” with my camera. Why? Because I am learning that sometimes you need to put the camera down to enjoy what is going on around you thoroughly.

Do You Exist in Pictures?

I keep seeing this topic appear on blogs, workshops, and of course, hearing out of my friend’s mouths. So I thought that I would respond here because no, I don’t exist, I should, but I don’t. Let me tell you about how I got started in photography, it starts off kind of off track of this subject, but it loops around and will make sense … Read More Do You Exist in Pictures?

10 things I Have Learned in my First Season as a Wedding Photographer

After a few years of being a portrait photographer, I decided to challenge myself and try my hand at wedding photography. I talked another portrait photographer into helping me out, and off we went. Knowing a little about landscape, portrait, and essential lighting we did our first few weddings at a low cost. This allowed us to test how we worked together and if … Read More 10 things I Have Learned in my First Season as a Wedding Photographer

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