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Trail Report: Upper Latourell Falls

Since the wilderness has been calling me back lately, I might as well keep up with the trail reports as I get myself back into hiking shape.


Trail Report : Falls Creek Falls

With the amazing weather we’ve had lately, and wedding season quickly approaching. I decided to take my daughter and another photography friend out hiking as a little Mother’s Day gift to myself. I know, I am horrible. I knew I wanted a waterfall, and since most of the Columbia Gorge waterfalls are still closed due to the horrendous wildfire¬†, I looked north on the … Read More Trail Report : Falls Creek Falls

A View From Above

I spoiled myself earlier this year and bought a drone. After researching for weeks, studying the FAA rules, and read review after review, the DJI Phantom 3 was purchased.
I am hoping with some practice and studying, that I will pick up my commercial drone license and be able to incorporate aerial shots in with my portrait and wedding packages.
Until then, i’ll be taking it around on hikes and shooting my beloved landscape with it.

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