Lindsey and Hunter’s Snowy Engagement Session

Lindsey and Hunter wanted to go and have a little fun in the snow, so we planned it out and headed up to Trillium Lake Trailhead.

The snow was coming down pretty hard on the drive up, but at least I knew that would give us all the trees trimmed in snow.

And of course with the snow, came some fun, which I am 100% here for!

Who got it worse?

Bringing a blanket to a session has multiple uses. Keeping warm from the frigid weather, or being able to sit down without actually freezing your butt off.

And showing off Lindsey’s version of relaxing.

My favorite way of shooting couples recently has been just to have them walk together and enjoy each others company. I may also yell “act like your drunk” when walking though. I find that couples seem to get a little closer and have more fun with it. Authentic smiles are EVERYTHING.

These two were slated to get married in September of this year, but we all know how 2020 is treating us. So instead, they snuck off and got married, but are planning on their party next year at Trinity Pines Ranch, which is a great place to enjoy everything with your friends and family.

Congrats on EVERYTHING you two!

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