Tara and Andrew’s Engagement at Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon

Cathedral Park has been one of my most requested locations in the Portland, OR area; it’s also one of my favorites, especially in the fall.

The funny thing here is that the fall colors are so hard to track! In one part of the city, the trees would be lit up with color, the other, still green, and another, all the leaves are off the trees. So this day, we hit the jackpot! I went back two weeks later, and all the color was gone.

Cathedral Park is also known for its architecture.

While most go for the arches, I LOVE the stairs.

And if you didn’t know, bridges go over water (get it? that’s sarcasm btw), so you can get the natural colors, architecture, AND a lovely walk along a beach as well. Hidden along the waterfront is a “Love” sign as well!

As we were wrapping up, I found out a little secret! It’s been a while, so I’m in the clear; they had just eloped! With the pandemic still going, they went ahead and made it official.

Congrats to these two theater nerds!

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