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+ Columbia Gorge Engagement

Columbia Gorge Engagement Session | Stephanie and Ty

The Columbia Gorge is a magnificent piece of nature, especially in the fall. So when Stephanie contacted me about possible locations for their engagement session, I added the Cascade Locks to the list.


Trail Report : Falls Creek Falls

With the amazing weather we’ve had lately, and wedding season quickly approaching. I decided to take my daughter and another photography friend out hiking as a little Mother’s Day gift to myself. I know, I am horrible. I knew I wanted a waterfall, and since most of the Columbia Gorge waterfalls are still closed due to the horrendous wildfire¬†, I looked north on the … Read More Trail Report : Falls Creek Falls

+ Vancouver WA Photographer

Wahclella Falls Elopement | Steve and Tricia

They were an adventurous couple that loved hiking and spending time outdoors. So naturally, they wanted a gorgeous setting for their private ceremony. They had already chosen Wahclella Falls as their location from seeing multiple images online from other weddings, but we added Government Cove in there for a great spot for images as well.

+ Vancouver wa photographer

{Wahclella Falls} The Scouting Mission

When I started in photography, waterfalls were my main subject. I loved just to sit by them and watch everything around them. Completely took me to a different world, which at the time, was exactly what I needed. My dad just passed and I knew I had to do something to help myself. I grew up camping and hiking with him, so I decided … Read More {Wahclella Falls} The Scouting Mission

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