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An unusually dry and dusty summer had us prepared for a gorgeous wedding in the little Oregon coast town of Nehalem at the beginning of August. In the summertime, an Oregon coast wedding is a DREAM due to our hot summers with little rain. The coast offers a nice reprieve from the summer heat.

Waking up that Saturday was a different story. Cloud cover and drizzle had returned to the area, and we quickly prepared to be keeping our lenses clear of water, and as dry as possible!

The venue was a house and large garden of a family friend of the bride. The main house served as the boys dressing room, the hair and makeup area, and of course the family gathering spot.

Closer to the ceremony, the girls moved to a cute little house adjacent to the garden where the ceremony was to take place. I think we fit 5-6 girls in the area of a small garden shed. It was a little cozy, but we got the bride looking AMAZING in her dress.

While the bridal party waited in the guest house, the crowd was seated, and the procession began! No one seemed to mind the rain; all eyes were on the bride.

The ceremony was beautiful; there was sand mixing, perfect vows, and of course the kiss!

Back at the house, the keg was tapped, food was put out, and a great family gathering was had.

In the Pacific Northwest, you have to be ready for rainy days in the summer!

We managed to get the shots while being doused with water! I had to dry my lens a few times during the ceremony.


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