Starting at the Kennedy School, Brittany and her bridesmaids got ready in their gorgeous, vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses and wedding gown.

Outside in the courtyard, we setup our vintage sofas in preparation of a super fun idea of a picture guest book.

Closer to the wedding time, we jumped into our car and drove across Portland to Cathedral Park.

Here there was a coffee, tea, and lemonade stand for guests, as well as a custom newspaper that served as their program.

Kelly and his groomsmen were dressed and setting up the chairs and decorations awaiting Brittany’s arrival.

One of the best reasons that I like having 2 photographers at each wedding is because we can actually be two places at once! One is up in front by the groom catching the first look, and the other is covering the bride as she is walking towards the aisle. So many amazing emotions to capture in such a small amount of time! Two photographers is completely worth it!

The weather was great and the sun lit the ceremony perfectly.

After the nuptials and formal pictures, we headed back to the Kennedy school to enjoy the rest of the day drinking, dancing, and having way too much fun!

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