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Trying to find a non-rainy in February here in Portland is a tricky thing to do. Luckily, we scheduled Amanda and Jamison’s engagement shoot, and the rain stayed away from us the entire time. However, the Hoyt Arboretum does provide a fantastic tree canopy in case the rain starts up.

We started just above the Wedding Meadow and hiked down along the path to the Redwood Deck. The deck gives a great view of the trail below winding along the giants and over the slight hill. This gives one of my favorite aspects of the arboretum and frames a perfect shot of Amanda and Jamison.

My favorite pathway in the Arboretum

On the deck itself, it allows us to relax and soak in the incredible view. There is a small hill above the deck that has some fallen logs, perfect for a spot amongst the ferns that grow everywhere under the trees.

Just above the Redwood deck is a beautiful little spot to stop
The redwood deck at Hoyt Arboretum

There is a perfect tree to sit in at the fork in the path. It’s bent over about eight feet and then starts to grow upward. So why not put Amanda in the tree for these super sweet shots.



On the hike back up, we stopped in the Wedding Meadow, and the clouds finally decided to part for just a few minutes. Amanda and Jamison brought along a picnic blanket, so what a better place than in the middle of the meadow.

A little picnic blanket in the middle of the Wedding Meadow

And of course, my favorite leading lines, stairs. I peeked over the edge of the meadow and saw this set. The trees growing along it gave the perfect framing.
We randomly found this set of stairs up to the Wedding Meadow. A perfect lead up to a portrait

These two are getting married at the end of September at one of my favorite venues in the gorge, Maple Leaf Events. Jamie is amazing to work with, and the venue is perfect!

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