A Rainy Day Couples Session | Mandy and Colby

Vancouver wa photographer

When you think of the Pacific Northwest, one of the first things that come to mind is the rain. So when Mandy and Colby moved up from the desert, she wanted a sweet session that would define the new city they called their home.

The tricky part about this session is that we may be known for rain, but come late spring early summer, it becomes unpredictable. We originally planned this session for late April/early May, but the weather had other plans. Every day that we both had available was sunny and gorgeous. It was getting to the point where I was talking about having my husband hold a hose to get the water we want. I wouldn’t trust that though, my husband has a penchant for spraying me with the hose just for fun.

Finally, a day came where we had a likely chance for rain. I watched the radar throughout the day and kept seeing green hovering over the area. But now, there was another challenge. During the summer months, we don’t see dark skies until at least 10 pm. All the parks close by then, and I turn into a pumpkin, so I had to create a plan for the rain to show up. For this kind of shots, the light needs to be behind the subject so that the light refracts off of the drops, if it’s too light outside, they won’t show.

So I set up my 600w strobe and two speedlights, and then put on my variable ND filter to block even more light to the sensor. Bingo! Mandy and Colby showed up, and we got to play in the rain! So did their two adorable kids. I mean who doesn’t like to go play in the rain on a warm evening?

We got done, and of course, I was soaked, but that didn’t matter, I had a blast, and I love the outcome of the images.

Thank you to Mandy and Colby for coming out and playing in the rain with me!


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