Megan and Taylor’s Engagement Session in Cathedral Park

Portland Photographer

When I met Megan and Taylor, I was hanging out in a parking lot with a friend and pretended that we had no idea what was about to happen. After a steep hike (where Taylor would randomly yell encouragement to me like I was a stranger), my friend (who is also a fantastic photographer) and I captured Taylor proposing to Megan on the Cape Horn trail. It was magical and awesome. You can read more about that here.

Once Megan said yes, and the wedding planning started, we booked an official engagement session in the fall at Cathedral Park.

Cathedral Park is known for the architecture of the bridge that is above it, but the paths, lamp posts, and sooo many colorful trees make it a great spot in the fall.

It’s also a good spot for a leaf fight.

We arrived about two hours before the sunset. To the southwest of the park lay the hills of Portland, so I wanted to make sure that we could catch some gorgeous rays before the place turned dark.

What makes the bridge special? These arches! They frame everything beautifully, and as a fan of architecture, I love them.

Most people just stay on the north side of the park, but if you walk down towards the water, it opens up to some great views.

Speaking of the waterfront, they do have a little fishing dock thats a great spot to watch the sun fall behind the hills.

Congratulations to these two! I can’t wait to see them at Camas Meadows in August!

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