Shannon and Matt’s Engagement Session in Downtown Portland, OR.

Portland, OR Photographer

I really tried to get us into the Timbers stadium on an off day for these two, but we were denied. Being fans of the team, I thought it would have been perfect! But, I suck at smooth-talking people. So instead, we met just outside the stadium and used some of the awesome architecture to kick off their session.

One of my favorite things to do during a session is to just start exploring. It may the session a tad bit longer, but we find some real gems along the way. As we were walking towards a building I saw a few roads over, we got a nice view of the Timbers Stadium/Providence Park and got to incorporate the signage.

Speaking of the building, it was the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and its looks that caught my eye. I mean, look at those doors! I mean, look at this adorable couple!

I think the unplanned moments and stops are my favorite. As we were walking around the back to get to the park, I saw this scene. I am so happy when the couple wants to play along.

As I am trying to post only one blog a week, it’s taken a bit to get to all my sessions. So, as you can tell by the leaves, this was a gorgeous fall day in Portland.

After the park, we hopped back into our cars and headed down to their favorite bar for some drinks and relaxing.

When in downtown Portland, you have to stop at Powell’s, its a law. You also have to find ridiculous books to use in your images. Perfect for some pre-marital advice.

We were going to wrap it up there, but we saw these lights coming from the armory and ducked in there. LOOK AT THIS WALL OF LIGHTS!

With the majority of the session being natural light and outside, we felt that adding some light to the situation is always a good idea. The clerk inside was very nice and let us play around. There was a show going on inside, so as long as we didn’t disturb people (who were in a closed-door theater anyway) we were free to roam.

Outside is where we hung out as the sun faded and took some of the last images of this session, and to play with their hats.

Shannon and Matt’s destination wedding was suppose to happen this year and then a party in downtown Vancouver to celebrate with everyone. But we all know what is really happening this year. SO, I am excited to hang out with these two in 2021 for their reception! And most likely go grab a beer with them when it’s safe and hang out.

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